18. 05. 2010

Laurence A. Rickels



Laurence A. Rickels  SPECTRE


A talk on Ian Fleming's James Bond, Hamlet, and Melanie Klein's theory of mourning as haunting.


Laurence A. Rickels  SPECTRE

Laurence A. Rickels  SPECTRE

Laurence A. Rickels  SPECTRE


Laurence A. Rickels
After graduate studies at Princeton University, Laurence Rickels moved to California where he established himself as an instructor (at the University of California, Otis College, and Art Center College of Design), as a licensed psychotherapist, and, internationally, as a psychoanalytic theorist and cultural anthropologist. As the Sigmund Freud Professor of Media and Philosophy, he teaches a summer seminar at the European Graduate School (in Saas Fee, Switzerland).
He is the author of the trilogy on "Unmourning" (Aberrations of Mourning, The Case of California, and Nazi Psychoanalysis) as well as three books based on his legendary courses on occult and technical media (The Vampire Lectures, The Devil Notebooks, and The Psycho Files). Rickels applies the art of his writing to writing on art in numerous exhibition catalogs, monographs on David Deutsch and Ulrike Ottinger, and in his regular contributions to artforum international, artUS, and Texte zur Kunst.

Author of:
I Think I Am: Philip K. Dick. 2010
The Devil Notebooks. University of Minnesota Press: 2008
Ulrike Ottinger: The Autobiography of Art Cinema. University of Minnesota Press: 2008
Ulrike Ottinger. Eine Autobiografie des Kinos. b_books, 2007
Vampirismus Vorlesungen. Brinkmann & Bose, 2007
Nazi Psychoanalysis, 3 Volumes: Only Psychoanalysis Won the War, Crypto-Fetishism, Psy-Fi. University of Minnesota Press, 2002.
The Vampire Lectures. University of Minnesota Press, 1999.
The Case of California. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991. Reprinted with University of Minnesota Press, 2001.
Der unbetrauerbare Tod. Edition Passagen, 1989.
Aberrations of Mourning: Writing on German Crypts. Wayne State University Press, 1988.



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