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1 Excerpt from ‘The Medium as Midas: On the Precarious Relationship of Music and Radio Art’ by Christian Scheib in Re-Inventing Radio: Aspects of Radio as Art (2008)
2 Stayin’ Alive, Bee Gees
3 John Williams diss feat. Jurassiques; sampling Amériques, Edgard Varèse (1921) and T.Rex Rescue & Finale, John Williams (1993)
4 RAWBALANCE Repertoire, 14.08.2012
I. Verborgenheit, Hugo Wolf (Baritone, Thomas Allen)
II. Art Thou Troubled?, Georg Friedrich Händel (Contralto, Kathleen Ferrier)
III. You Forgot to Answer, Nico


Beatrix Curran Saprophyt Radio



Saprophyt Radio - 11


Ein Gespräch mit Felix Stalder über die Kulturgeschichte des Urheberrechts



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Felix Stalder ist Dozent für die Theorie der Mediengesellschaft an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste und freier Autor und Organisator in Wien. Er beschäftigt sich mit dem Wechselverhältnis von Gesellschaft, Kultur und Technologien, insbesondere mit neuen Formen kultureller Produktion und räumlicher Praktiken. Zuletzt veranstaltete er die internationalen Konferenzen “Deep Search” (Wien, November 2008 und Mai 2010) und “World Information City” (Paris, Mai 2009). Seine Publikationen sind unter zugänglich.

Gestaltet von Daniela Grabosch, Michael Gülzow, Julia Novacek, Agnes Prammer, Miro Schawalder, Michael Simku


Saprophyt Radio Felix Stalder



Saprophyt Radio - Part Ten

Matilda Leko



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Matilda Leko




Saprophyt Radio

Part Nine

Ines Lechleitner
with Gilles Aubry, Raphaël Grisey, Stéphane Montavon and Kathrin Wildner

documents and response
sense / correspondence 2


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Sound-recordings and texts contributed by Gilles Aubry, Raphaël Grisey, Stéphane Montavon and Kathrin Wildner for the project sense / correspondence are being aired, interpreted and responded to by Ines Lechleitner.*

documents and response:

'Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque', Cairo, Egypt 2008, sound by Gilles Aubry
'Prayer at Topkapi Palace', Istanbul, Turkey 2010, sound by Ines Lechleitner
'Puit', Cooperative Somankidi Coura, Mali 2008, sound by Raphaël Grisey
'Schoolboys', Jerusalem, Israel 2009, sound by Ines Lechleitner
Reading of Kathrin Wildner's text 'Tamarin Hotel Lagos, Dezember 2010, 2am'
'Tamarin Night 2' Lagos, Nigeria 2010, sound by Kathrin Wildner,edited by Ines Lechleitner
'Walk towards Wailing-wall and Al Aqsa Mosque', Jerusalem, Israel 2009, sound by Ines Lechleitner
Reading of Stéphane Montavon's text 'A Djinn Palace ou Le Bouge'
'Tea and Cards', Istanbul, Turkey 2010, sound by Ines Lechleitner

This radio show is the second part of Ines Lechleitner's exhibition -TABLE OF CONTENTS, sense / correspondence 1- that took place at Saprophyt in June 2011.
For information about the project please see:

Special thanks to the participants of the project.

* includes an acoustic footnote to two drawings contributed by Karni Dorell

Ines Lechleitner



Saprophyt Radio  

Part Eight

Ulrike Köppinger

Spaziergang am 28.10.



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Ulrike Köppinger



Saprophyt Radio

Part Seven

Ruby Sircar in conversation with Diane Torr and Hans Scheirl


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recorded at brut Konzerthaus


Saprophyt Radio Seven


Saprophyt Radio

Part Six

21. 12. 2010


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Nathalie Koger presents:

Exercises of suppleness

The following excerpt is an insight into a talk of the members of the workshop „Between post-Fordism and political action: virtuosity in the 21st century“ staged for saprophyt on the 15th of October 2010 in Graz in the frame of steirischer herbst.

The workshop was organized by Kai van Eikels with guest visits from Tino Sehgal and Jan-Holger Mauss. Members are Aline Benecke, Tatu Hämäläinen, Steffi Hensel, Nathalie Koger, Aino Emilia Korvensyrjä, Timothy Murray, Julie Pfleiderer, Markus Zett and Jasna Zmak.

Before the audio-version starts the group discussed the idea of political action in art and of how art can become politically. An example, which was debated on, is Ligna (a group consisting of media and performance artists), which created a repetitive act called Radio Ballett, which shifts between flashmob, political theatre, actionism and city-entertainment.
The Radio Ballet is entitled as „Exercise in lingering not according to the rules” (Übung im nichtbestimmungsgemäßen Verweilen): „A Radio Ballet is a radio play produced for the collective reception in certain public places. It gives the dispersed radio listeners the opportunity, to subvert the regulations of the space.“, 1.12.10

In the talk further ideas and opinions are triggered and stated, for example on how we could think of art and theater being political today. Terms like „Geschmeidigkeitsübungen“ (exercises of suppleness) as part of Brecht´s Learning Play come into play to the point where the question is raised what a 21st century idea of change could be. What could it be instead of an artistic aspiration for changing the masses on the one hand or a radical individual perspective on the other hand. Coming back to the initial debate of the group: do we have to leave the legal boundaries of art and the act of exhibiting completely to create and enter a place of exodus where the desire apparatus for pure consumerism is abandoned?

Thanks to Barbara Kapusta, Markus Boxler, Jan-Holger Mauss, Kira Kirsch, Stephan Lugbauer, Florian Malzacher and Tino Sehgal. Graz/Vienna 2010





Saprophyt Radio

Part Five

12. 10. 2010


Laurence A. Rickels talks about Ian Fleming's James Bond, Hamlet, and Melanie Klein's theory of mourning as haunting.

Recorded at the Saprophyt space, May 2010.

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Saprophyt Radio

Part Four

17. 08. 2010


Interview with Korean artist
Suh Yong Sun

recorded at the RMIT studios Melbourne


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Saprophyt Radio

Part Three

15. 06. 2010


Norman Klein at home talks about "The Imaginary 20th Century"

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Saprophyt Radio

Part Two

13. 04. 2010


"A TALKwith Jenni Tischer, Sonia Leimer, Barbara Kapusta"


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Saprophyt Radio

Part One

02. 02. 2010


"Redoing Childhood" by Kathy Acker
"The Creative Act, Texas, April 1957" by Marcel Duchamp
"Dead City Radio" by William S. Burroughs


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